how does one express them in words?)
I have spontaneous vision of
billboards, large international firms
in clear hypnotic colors
and messages,
their incessant
radiation on
people and their lives.
Why did the granny with brown
glasses stop
in front of SHELL's shell
digging with the tip of her shoe
in the sidewalk,
and why did the
boy Radak
drop his icecream
running across the street at a certain point.


Like God from the machine, often
man appears in everyday life.
He is so-and-so solving
problems. As a rule, he enjoys his mission.
Here he is in some such situations:
sailing the air, or boldly
rushing down snowbound peaks.
He is always the laughing or victoriously
serious man,
aware that this is his moment,
the moment everybody is staring at him
under the illusion that
he is more than they are.
He is an advertisement of immortality
intransience. Like an ideal detergent,
hardly a man.



People are kept alive by differences
of belief.
Everyone lives for his or her belief,
is even prepared to die
for it.
Today on the beach
there was a clash between the dressed
and the nude.
The dressed told the nude
to move over, for the place
they were in was intended for
the dressed.



An experienced man is
one with a wild beast's gaze
one who creeps in the night
under his blanket,
afraid the ceiling might fall,
he trusts nobody.
An experienced man seems
relaxed and communicative,
yet under his pants,
close to his bottom, he wears
a sizable hardened turd,
a constant reminder of
youth and the days of fear.



I feel the (psychic) need
to write about the young girls
I met tonight.
I could also write about a Gypsy
leading a chained bear down the street
however, I realize they are
manifestation of the same.
(One of many forms
of the species, man.)



Erotomania, eroticism,
sex, act, coitus, stimulus,
penis, vulva, vaginal,
contraceptive, heat,
out of breath,
sweat, out of breath,
quite out of breath.
(Man is a living creature,
long live man,
or some even more perfect creature.)



To watch pictures of naked
bodies is
an occupation which satisfies our natural
It is watching what
we could have been,
the (bodily) equipment
we could have acquired
and kept as a personal possession.
At the same time the equipment
is offered to us (in imagination)
so we should touch, examine,
experience what we are not,
thereby confirming
what we are.


A boar is
what you call a man who
does not suit the momentary
degree of your inspiration
(a lifetime's)
and with whom therefore
communication is difficult,
even disgusting.



One of the possible
refreshments is
memory - seeing
ourself at a distance.
The energy required to
traverse the path
from then to now
suddenly enters the
present and drives
man forward
toward completion of self-expression



Many a time have I strayed
among the natural elements:
entered clear waters,
pushed on the sand,
the wind in my hair,
and each time I felt
alien in that place,
In that relation.



We are in the position
as we observe objective reality
to state that
however hard we
fix our gaze on
those solid objects
(and facts),
we get no response
on their part,
quite the contrary:
we are tortured
by engaging in research
and, not knowing which variant
to settle for,
we adopt the one which is
under the strongest
incidence of light
that hits the eye.



Disease, when it occurs,
is threatening, dangerous.
Nearly over, it is
dear, a remnant of
the defeated monster
(a trophy).
From loss, to gain.

(from: Andrej Zivor, "Billboard Poems", trenslated by Aleksandar Nejgebauer, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988)