The Satire of Media Lies

Andrej Tisma, one of the leading international contemporary artists, works with a variety of artistic media including video art. The main characteristic of his videos is that they are short and, when seen together, explicitly complex.

Contemporary society and changes in the modern world clearly affect his sensibility and manner of artistic expression. Political and social environments, war, social misery, the changing of social systems, disease, and total chaos of the "new order” have clearly made a marked impression on his video work. The United States, as the global superpower in this “new world order”,  has had a strong influence on Tisma’s videos, and he reacts through them in a spirited style. He depicts with realistic detail, the situation of individuals in the world which are induced by the will of the mightiest.

The four video works, each about one minute in length, clearly lead us to the world of media by using TV shows, news items, and historical and documentary programs. These media collages combine artistic views of the ephemeral with contemporary ideas and sound as a means of expression. The video works 'Advertising Mental Survival', 'Positive – Negative', 'In My Room', and 'Watch Those Bushes' make an integral and spellbinding series.

The world of advertising combined with the intimacy and voyeurism of his own living quarters in relation to media happenings present the everyday overflow of glamor and war. The brains of those people who are powerful enough to regulate the processes of our lives, the cruel presence of death seen in both war games and computer games--- all of these are plays on present reality in Tisma's four videos.

Tisma indicates the nonsense and absurdity of those who have been presumptuous enough to lead the world into some yet-unrecognized-course. What becomes clear is that there is no humanity, no pity; only human or inhumane feelings. However, Tisma gives a new dimension via a dark and satirical humor.

An observer of Tisma's videos will undoubtedly be left with amusement given the satirical imagery and media scenes. He refers the viewer to historical moments making the documentary with a critical eye. Tisma overcomes the references and empowers them.

With humor, Tisma discloses the sheer propaganda of the media with whom world forces are finding excuses for new wars and world dictatorship. Above all the humor and plays leave a strong impression.
The spirited sensibility of this contemporary artist encourages us and leaves us with a positive impulse...Telling in his own clear attitude: be a mental winner.

Biljana Mickov


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