I am building a tower of angels, a fortress of good will, a seat of positive energy, in order to defend the world from evil and from destruction. I have started building it during the recent bombardment of my country Yugoslavia and on the 55th day of the bombardment I sent the news about it through the Internet. To get the building material for this huge structure of spiritual energy and good will, I turn to all the positive emotions, beauty, joy and love I see around me, from my previous experiences or from knowledge about those of others. 

The Tower of Angels is a seat to all the good beings who are united in their actions leading to peace, prosperity, harmony, love and victory of good over evil. Every day my building grows stronger, more beautiful, ever richer and more effective. 

I have built into the Tower of Angels people’s smiles, glow from the eyes of those I had met, beauty of  bodies and of landscapes I had admired. I had put into it all the love for my parents, my wife, my child and all their love for me, the love for animals and plants, for the lovely day, the Sun, the wide blue sky, clouds, tree crowns, flowers, water, food and drink. The Tower contains the love of all the people who had ever lived for nature, their neighbor, for their food and drink, the sky and  the Sun. 

I have built into the Tower all my love for arts, for every artwork I have seen or created, love of all human beings for artworks; music, theatre, film, painting, literature. 

I have built into it my love and admiration for God, the love of all people who have ever lived for God in all religions, God’s love for all people and all the  world. I have built into it God himself.  

I have built in it the love of all benefactors for men and women, for children and nature, and the love of all people for benefactors. I have built in it the  love of Jesus Christ for all people and the love of all people for Christ. I have built into it Christ himself. 

I have built into the Tower of Angels all the love between men and women, all the pleasures arising from their love, all the joy and merriment coming from their love.  

I have included into the Tower the love of all mothers for their children, of all fathers for their children, and the love of all children for their parents. Love of all children  for their neighbors, the neighbors’ love for children, and love among children. The love among friends, acquaintances and unfamiliar ones. The love of all people for animals and animals’ love for people, the love of all people for nature and nature’s love for people. All the love among animals and the love for their offspring, the love among plants, the love of the Earth and plants for the rain and the Sun, the love of the Sun for plants and the  soil. I have built into the Tower the Sun itself. 

I have put into it all the joy of people, the joy of other creatures, all the beauty of the world and admiration of people for the beauty. I have also built in all the pleasures of all the creatures of this world and all the joy of all creatures in the entire universe. I have built into it the pleasure of people with the fruits of nature and their admiration for them. The joy because of the strength and health that nature and her fruits give us. The joy of life, the joy of seeing all the beauty around us, the joy of taking and the joy of giving. The joy of all people about the good news they have received, the joy about pleasant messages, ideas and thoughts. 

The joy of all the hungry ones when they were given food, the joy of the thirsty when they were given water, the joy of the sick when they were cured. The joy of those who found the lost ones, the joy of the lost when they were found. The joy of creative people that ever existed with the works they created, the joy of all people with works they have completed. I have put into it the love of all children for play, the love of adults for amusement, joke and relaxation. The joy and pleasure of enjoying one’s food, drink, pleasant walk or ride in a town or countryside. The pleasure of all creatures in moving, flying, swimming, their pleasure in taking a rest and sleeping. 

I have built into the Tower the joy of people when wars were over and peaceful life has being restored, the joy of the exiled when they returned home, the joy of  all the homeless when they get a home. The joy of the lonely who have found friends, the joy of the separated when they met again. 

While building the Tower of Angels, my days were filled with great joy and exaltation. I hovered in a cloud of beauty, often surrounded by beautiful sights and pleasures, so it was easy to chose. Now, again, I feel the same pleasure and I wish to invite you to join me in the building of this spiritual edifice of positive energy, goodness, beauty and love. I am inviting you to contribute your ideas about what else could be built into the Tower of Angels, enabling an ever faster and more impressive growth of this ramparts against evil, that fortress of good in this world. 

                                                             Andrej Tisma 

                                                             Novi Sad, July 1, 1999 

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