Interview with Andrej Tisma in 4 parts about his visual art, music and activism on Croatian Radio 3rd Program (HR3). Author: Robert Rudic. November-December 2016 (in Serbian) - 120 minutes

Andrej Tisma on art and spirituality, creativity and compassion - interviewed by Joseph Kenneth for the Spiritualists International Magazine, January - February 2016 (in English) - 33:51

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 2015 (in Serbian) - 25:24

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 2012 (in Serbian) - 27:42

Documentary video on Andrej Tisma's show in Bremen, Germany, 2011 (in English, German subtitles) - 18:19

Interview with Andrej Tisma at his show in Bremen, 2011 (in English) - 49:10

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 1992 (in Serbian) - 29:39

Andrej Tisma's statement to the Belgrade television at his "Encounters & Temptations" show in Happy Gallery SKC, Belgrade, February 1992 (in Serbian) - 7:47

Andrej Tisma's retrospective show online catalog, November 2013 (in Serbian and English)

Andrej Tisma's Interview, June 2010

Andrej Tisma's Graphic Work (from 1997)

 Tisma's Artistamp (Jas W Felter collection, 1998 )


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