Five extensive interviews with Andrej Tisma made by Milan Djordjević, published in five magazines in 2019, 2020 and 2021, one about Tisma's early period of neo avant-garde art activity from 70s through 80s, second about his internet art activism in 90s and 2000s, third about his sound works in 2000s, fourth about his work with photograpies and fifth about his video art. (all in Serbian)

"Neoavangardno iskušavanje društvene moći umetnika", Polja, jul-avgust 2019.

"Kosovski konflikt u veb-aktivizmu i angažovanoj umetnosti Andreja Tišme", Letopis Matice srpske, oktobar 2019.

"Muzika – još jedna dimenzija mog razmišljanja", Alia Mundi, Beograd, Magazin za kulturnu raznolikost, trobroj 10/11/12 2020.

"Fotografija umetnika i umetnička fotografija u opusu Andreja Tišme", ASA - arhitektura, nauka, umetnost br. 009, Beograd, oktobar 2021.

"Želim da nikoga ne ostavim ravnodušnim - Angažovana videografija Andreja Tišme", Nova misao, Novi Sad, jesen 2021.

Interview with Andrej Tisma in 4 parts about his visual art, music and activism on Croatian Radio 3rd Program (HR3). Author: Robert Rudic. November-December 2016 (in Serbian) - 120 minutes

Andrej Tisma on art and spirituality, creativity and compassion - interviewed by Joseph Kenneth for the Spiritualists International Magazine, January - February 2016 (in English) - 33:51

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 2015 (in Serbian) - 25:24

Andrej Tisma talking about the development of his art, from his student days to the recent great retrospective show, about all media he was using, also about his literature, music, art criticism... 2014 (in Serbian with English subtitles) - 1:13:00

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 2012 (in Serbian) - 27:42

Documentary video on Andrej Tisma's show in Bremen, Germany, 2011 (in English, German subtitles) - 18:19

Interview with Andrej Tisma at his show in Bremen, 2011 (in English) - 49:10

Documentary TV show on Andrej Tisma's art, 1992 (in Serbian) - 29:39

Andrej Tisma's statement to the Belgrade television at his "Encounters & Temptations" show in Happy Gallery SKC, Belgrade, February 1992 (in Serbian) - 7:47

Andrej Tisma's retrospective show online catalog, November 2013 (in Serbian and English)

Andrej Tisma's Interview, Dec. 2011 (in Serbian)

Andrej Tisma's Interview, June 2010 (in English)


Andrej Tisma's live chat on ABC News website during

the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia


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